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jeu. 24 septembre 2020, 23h48

Francis Faure
France France


Re: HelpTopicID number

Hi again Koen,

Please read my answer.

- My first url : is for "RELEASE BAR Command" source code as your requested (see the "A LINK NAME" at bottom of page)
this page haven't "contextID" A Link
You can call it with HELP <title> in the click() event (for example).

(I could add a contextID A link and rebuild vfp help : but why a contextID for this command...!?)

- my 2d URL in my answer is a sample with a "contextid"
you can use HELP <title> or HELP ID <contextid>
because this page have a contextID added for using it inside VFP IDE when you press F1 key in properties toolbar...
copy the VFPX url in you browser address

> I am now after list of all the HelpID topic's

you haven't the list of contextID : but you can see it a the bottom of source code page, for a specific page.
or use SYS(1023) to known the ID page

(Actualy I added 663 contextID)

best regards

Le jeu. 24 septembre 2020, 17h48 Koen a écrit :
> Francis that is en extensive comprehensive reply, thank you very much. As a matter of fact my "Release bar comment" please read "release bar command" sorry a clumsy translation my error. What I am after to activate a helpfile with the topic I am after to show the enduser, which is not nessary the subject of the topic he is working on. I have in mind to make a help button on my form where when the enduser clicks he will find a specific topic. So your <HELP ID 50000153> should do the trick, provided 5000153 is the ID for the requested topic. I am now after list of all the HelpID topic's. Unfortunately your URL
>"; target="_blank"> gives a 404.
> Can you please review the URL and can you confirm that what I am looking for should work?

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